Stunts Freelance is a Finnish stunt company which serves the needs of film-, tv- and media industry. Company provides you professional pragmatic for planning and execution with more than 10 years experience.

The base of our work is safety: safety of stunts and other filming crew. Detailed planning and execution will guarantee desired result, safely.

  1. Stunts, stunt coordinating and stunt casting

  1. Specialised wire stunts and rigging

  1. Film crew securing for stunt scenes

  1. Film crew securing in dangerous circumstances e.g. high buildings

  1. Videographing and editing of stunt   rehearsals

  1. Actor training for stunt activities

Mika Huisman (aka Mika Pietiläinen)

+358 40 505 44 88

Weight: 73 Kg

Height: 178 cm

Chest circumference: 101 cm

Waist circumference: 78 cm

Hip circumference: 92 cm

Sleeve/ shoulder: 78 cm/ 15 cm

Leg lenght: 106 cm outside

measure (to the ground)

84 cm inside measure (to the


Shoe size: 43 EUR

Head circumference: 57 cm

Collar: 39 cm

Suite size: 52

Hair: light brown/ bold

Eyes: blue-grey

Internet Movie Data Base

Please notice that sometimes

we use protectors and guards

under the clothes! That’s why

we might need bigger clothes.